Bet David Barcelona Synagogue Jewish Center

Birth Brit Milah

mohel performing a bar mitzvah

Services of Brit Milah for the newborn Jew.

A fundamental mitzvah symbol of our union with G-d.

Our local mohel performs the whole Brit Milah according to our most halachic traditions.

mohel with a baby and the Rabi

Talmud for children

Boys praying Shema

Talmud classes, Torah Parshas, jewish life and our traditions. All for young and adults.

We organize specific Torah classes for each level.

What does G-d expect from us? How can I maximize my stay in this world? What are the instructions for living a full Jewish life? How to perform mitzvot? What is the function of our people? These and other questions are answered in our holy Torah.

Adult life Bar Mitzvah

Boy in his bar mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah event. Celebrations of the begining of the adult life and the moment where all Mitzvot must be fulfiled.

Weddings Union of souls

Jewish wedding

Immense joy and the provision of all the necessary requirements for a traditional Jewish wedding.

Mikve Purification

mikveh mikveh mikveh

Mikve service for Jews. Comfortable and practical mikveh to be purified based on the halachic requirements. (*)

Reservation: Sra. Nejama

607 922 805

Kosher food Kashrut

Kasher certificate stamp

Rabbi Meyer Bar-Hen certifies kosher products for Barcelona and other cities. We help you obtain specific kosher products for Holidays as well as for the whole year.

Hessed Acts of kindness

people visiting a hospital for charity reasons

Visit to hospitals, help to the needy. Acts organized by the community. Community help.

We help the sick, homeless, people without resources, the elderly and much more. Join us !

Mourning Funeral Services

jewish tombstone

When the soul returns to our creator, it is a unique, selfless mitzvah to take charge of all burial services. The community offers services in everything related to Jewish mourning as well as community prayers for the elevation of the soul each year. (*)

New Synagogue Soon


* Some services such as mikveh and hevra kadisha (annual elevation of the soul) will be available only in the new synagogue