Bet David Barcelona Synagogue Jewish Center

Strong roots, solid foundations History of Bet David

Founded in 2018 in honor of Rabbi David Bar-Hen, father of Rabbi Meyer Bar-Hen, chief rabbi of Barcelona and Catalonia of the orthodox jewish community.

David Bar-Hen was born on Shavuot in 1929 in Morocco. When his father died at age 10, he began studying at the Meknes yeshiva. Educated in yeshivas such as Otzar HaTorah and Or Yosef Novardok, the Rabbi eventually became the chief rabbi of the city of Sderot and a great connoisseur of Halacha, Aggadah and Kabalah in Israel. His love for the people of Israel, was observed during the years of the Second World War, when even risking his life, he worked clandestinely to help Jewish children to emigrate to Israel from France in what is known as "Aliya of the young people".

Today, his legacy is immense. Many great rabbinical chiefs in Israel have been his students. His son Rabbi Meyer Bar-Hen has founded this synagogue in Barcelona in his honor to maintain the legacy of keeping alive the Jewish tradition among all established Jews and their visitors.